We’ve been pretty busy behind-the-scenes here at the School Gate SET. As well as re-vamping the website to make it easier to find information and activity ideas, we have been planning our training workshops and have some new team members to introduce:


We have a new Hertfordshire co-ordinator, Lisa Ward. Lisa is a Chartered Energy Manager & Mum of 2 young girls. Lisa will be liaising with her local schools and hosting meet-ups for parents who would like find out more about the SGS and offer each other support in their new role as STEM ambassadors.
Get in touch with her at lisa@schoolgateset.org.uk


Karen Dickens is continuing the work she began with Science Sisters in Christchurch: liaising with local schools; organising parent meet-ups; and offering training workshops (where funding allows).
Get in touch with her at karen@schoolgateset.org.uk

Confidence-building and “strengths” analysis

Being part of the School Gate SET project is more than gaining another voluntary role and sharing your passion for STEM. When Jan Peters & Karen piloted the Science Sisters project in Christchurch they found that the participants all grew in confidence and many took on new jobs or felt brave enough to simply get back to work. We have, therefore, designed part of the School Gate SET project to be about self-awareness and confidence. Jan Peters Is now a certified Strengths Coach and she’ll be offering group coaching sessions for workshop participants. Jan said,

“Somehow, while our kids are young we lose a corner of the ‘me’ we used to be, replaced by being just ‘mum’ or ‘dad’. But as they grow and start branching out it could well be time to rediscover you and dust off your confidence. It’s understandable some may see strengths as yet another management fad or personality tool, but it’s widely used in business and especially in technology. What I love about it is that it focuses on what is right with people, rather than fixating on what’s wrong. We’ll help participants grow their self-awareness in order to write a personal brand statement about what you love and what you could do. I found after I’d done my assessment and started to think ‘strengths’ that it was easier to not only feel proud of the things I’m actually really good at but to be able to verbalise it and out loud too. That really felt great!” 

Find out more about StrengthsFinder here

NEWS: The School Gate SET is evolving

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