So, what’s in it for Primary Schools?

The School Gate SET can help bring parents and schools together in a constructive way to make a long-term positive impact on SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) in the school. School Gate SET parents are already helping their schools by:

And much more! We believe that primary schools could really benefit from more parents and carers getting involved with SET teaching and learning. We fully support the STEM Ambassadors program (where STEM professionals visit schools and career fairs to give talks and run activities).  Building on this, we are empowering parents who are currently working part-time or taking a career-break from STEM professions to develop a much closer, ongoing relationship with local primary schools.

School Gate SET can offer your school:

  • Support for teachers in the classroom with volunteers explaining current applications of SET in industry and research, specifically targeted at primary school children
  • New ideas for teachers about how the SET curriculum is relevant in the world of work
  • New ways to challenge limiting stereotypes (i.e. boys can be astronauts or detectives, girls are secretaries or hairdressers) through seeing a range of professionals explaining their roles in the classroom
  • Insight into real-life and current examples of SET in practice

Pupils will be able to:

  • Meet inspiring role models
  • Begin to understand real-world applications of SET subjects
  • Experience hands-on SET activities that motivate, inspire and bring learning to life
  • See how essential SET subjects are throughout the world
  • Begin to see the range of opportunities which come from learning about SET subjects

To register your school’s interest in this scheme, please email